Kill Worms and Deliver in Terror Below

The game Terror Below is reminiscent of a 90’s favorite movie classic.  From the graphics and game pieces, to the way that you play the game, it has all the vibes of the movie Tremors from 1990 with a new modern twist. So, get ready, pull up your britches and get ready to kill worms and deliver in Terror Below!

What is This Game?

Aside from being another thematically familiar board game all wrapped up in a beautiful bow, Terror below is a Pick up and Deliver game that puts players in the drivers seat of trying to keep the team alive.


An onslaught of underground worms that cause havoc on the game board, players will move their vehicles around the board while trying to collect enough points to win the game. To survive, players will need to use cards in their hand, move about the board from location to location, while avoiding danger and sometimes having to pop a few of these incessant worms that get in their way. To complicate things, or to add some fiendish competition, you can also make life difficult for your rival players.


Artistic Value

There are a few things that are pretty great about this game. First, much of the artwork feels very similar to the movie Tremors! The environment setting painted on the gameboard and accented with all of game pieces during gameplay brings really brings the game to life. As you play the game, it's like being grabbed right out chair and planted right into the movies. The 90's nostalgic in all of us absolutely loves how it's all come together!


Secondly, the detail in all of the game components is outstanding! The wooden meeple vehicles representing player pawns are shaped and screen printed down to the last detail. The eggs are highly sculpted and uniquely shaped making them look really alien. They even used common plastic style crystals and had them made into rubble shaped game peices that players can collect and trade in for items that will help them with their bounties.


All of the artwork is well thought out. The colour choices help the players separate key game components from one another. With a busy gameboard they do a great job at helping players acess the state of the game at any moment through the visual design composition of the game. Although the pieces standout, the components feel like they belong to a miniature movie set.


Finally, you will love how the imagery on the cards are clear and easy to identify. The text on the cards is fairly easy to read and correlates well to all of the information in the rulebook should you need to reference it. The rulebook also uses imagery quite well which will help you identify the rules and the game pieces that it talks about.


Game Components

If you are someone that is concerned about the quality of a game components, you won't be disappointed.  All of the cards for the game are linen finished making them very durable.  Similarly, the plastic eggs are colorful and solid for longevity and the meeple vehicle players are made from wood.  You'll like how the smaller cardboard components are easily punched out when you set up the game.  In contrast, some games have carboard pieces that are thin and flimsy making them cheap looking. However these are thick heavy pieces of cardboard making them very sturdy.  In other words, this is definitely one of the higher quality games you will come across.

  • Rule book
  • Double sided game board
  • 2 Dice
  • 50 plastic rubble pieces
  • 28 colorful plastic eggs
  • 3 target tokens
  • 16 victory point tokens
  • 5 location tiles
  • 5 WORMs with stands
  • 37 WORM cards
  • 16 character cards
  • 54 vehicle cards
  • 23 weapons cards
  • 24 items cards
  • 6 player aid cards
  • 5 wooden player pawns

Game Complexity


Terror Below is rated for ages 10 years old and up. Consider however, between the use of strategy, the number of specific rules, and the style of gameplay, its best stick to over 13 years old as there can be a lot to keep track of, especially during your first few play throughs.

The game is recommended to play with 1 to 5 players. Each turn can take up to a few minutes because of the number of moves you can potentially do. It's a good idea to play with less players if you want to speed up the game. We recommend 3 to 4 players for the optimal experience! This way, people don't have too wait to long for a turn.

As well, you can play on either side of the game board depending on the number of people you have. Basically, one side can be used when playing with more players or if everyone wanted to add a little more challenge to the game as there's a surprise on the game map!

Who Is This Game For?

This is a great board game for a gaming night at home with some friends.  It's especially great if you like playing games that offer a lot of strategy that isn't based on chance or random dice rolls.  Although Terror below is a lightweight Pickup and Deliver style game, it’s the type of game that can be played a few times in a row and have a different outcome each time. Think “choose your own adventure” type of vibe. Furthermore, since each game takes around an hour, you can play it just once for a game night, or continue playing it over and over throughout your whole board game session!

In short, Terror Below is a fun game to play if you like strategy games that puts a lot of action on the board. There's not a lot of dice rolling, and the cards in your hand will definitely make you think twice about your next move. It’s definitely a nostalgic and artistically retro game worth grabbing!

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