No. 4: Coop Mission

Board Games are sometimes difficult to play alone. There are many board games that have solo variants which are quite palatable. There are many that are designed by the board game designers themselves while companies like Automa Factory produces solo variants for companies like Stonemaier Games. Look for the Automa Factory symbol on a solo game that you are considering to play!

Even so, board games are generally more fun with family, friends, strangers, or all of the above! Playing board games together with others is more than just entertainment for an afternoon or an evening. They can create moments and memories that can be recounted and talked about for many years. Remember that time when...

Games in This Comic


Unlike your typical RPG like Dungeons & Dragons, Destinies, published by Lucky Duck Games comes all in one box. It's a competitive action adventure board game with an indepth story and includes an app that drives gameplay! Explore this RPG like experience in a box in a dark medieval-fantasy Earth based epic. Batteries not included and no VHS or compact disc machines required.

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