No. 7: Stick it to Freedom

Many board games are created by designers, artists, and publishers from all walks of life. This plethora of diversity and cultures with many varying perspectives, influences designers that create the game mechanics, systems, and tactile experiences. The result of their creations can be interpreted as physical interactive masterpieces.

Unlike movie, video game, and even book mediums where most of the literal work is completed and put in front of the audience to enjoy, board games offer experiences that are much more intimate to each person. That is because moments created by playing board games with family, friends, and strangers alike often they require their audiences to use their own imaginations. Thus, offering much deeper experiences.

Ultimately, this concoction of imaginations that are manifested into physical products mixed with the influences from both the designers and audiences, brings these experiences to life.

Games in This Comic


You are a captain flying your Ship on the skies of the gaseous planet Celus. Gain the most notoriety by sailing the skies, hunting crestors, fighting opponents. Whichever player has the most notoriety points at the end of the game is the winner. To gain notoriety, you can trade in Crestor teeth and gas at the trading post.

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