Aftermath: The Beginning


A devastating earthquake ravaged the island of The Raya Republic. The initial devastation crippled major cities and damaged most of the island’s main infrastructure. The tsunami that followed caused thousands to lose their lives, including the government and most of the military. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the island is in a major state of emergency with no one to lead the people. The world is looking for someone to whom they can to send desperately needed resources. With such an opportunity, many have risen up to claim power. Will you rise to the challenge?

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  • Publisher :

    Fongomongo Games

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  • Game Designer :

    Nicholas Fong

  • Artist :

    CS Star

Aftermath: The Beginning is a game about gaining political influence by providing desperate provinces the resources they need. Players use their influence to acquire resources, use publicity to bolster their campaign or hinder their opponents, and make deals with each other to reach the final goal of becoming the next leader of the country.

Players customize the island at the beginning of each game, giving each game variance and loads of replay value. The objective of the game is to acquire the most population control through your influence. Every turn, an aid package - full of valuable resources - is sent to the island. Players bid for resources and spend them to gain influence in the different provinces. Each turn, each province has different resource needs. Each province has a population value. As players gain influence, they gain control of those provinces. The player at the end of the game with the most population control wins.


  • Build your future in an apocalyptic world
  • High player interaction with up to 9 players
  • Simultaneous gameplay with low downtime that keeps the action moving
  • Easy to learn and straightforward to play.

Game Components

Core Game
72 Aid Package cards
32 Publicity cards
48 Objective cards
10 Character cards
10 Province cards
10 Province tiles
200 Influence tokens
32 Conquest tokens
20 Crisis tokens
12 Production tokens
1 Reference sheet
1 Expansion pack

Board Game Bin's Recommendation

Aftermath: the Beginning is a great group politics game with a high amount of interaction between all players through simultaneous turn play. The objective cannot be won by an isolated strategy as players will compete to win the popular vote by dealing, trading, convincing, and manipulating their opponents in a bout to gain the most influence in each territory.

This game plays great with young adults, families, and strangers alike who love to talk their way through to their success. For this game, it's not about the length of time but rather how players can make their way to the top.