Robotech: Crisis Point


ROBOTECH: Crisis Point is a two-player game of strategy, tactics, area control, bluffing, and card management. Play Aliens vs Humans in the Robotech Universe while you battle out wits and courage. Will you save humanity or utterly destroy it?

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  • Publisher :

    SolarFlare Games

  • Date Published :


  • Game Designer :

    Dave Killingsworth

  • Artist :

    Andora Cidonia, Andrew Cramer, Joel Lopez

War Returns!

Following the annihilation of Earth, human survivors struggle to rebuild their once-great planet, only to be faced with a new threat. The Robotech Masters arrive to complete the mission that the Zentraedi Armada reclaim the coveted Protoculture by destroying the Army of the Southern Cross!

You and your opponent deploy your mecha and combat units, battling to gain control of the Earth. Using your dynamic heroes and commands, can you turn the tide of the war?

Will you save the Earth as the Army of the Souther Cross? Or will you sieze the Earth and recover the secrets of Protoculcture as the evil Robotech Masters?


  • 2 Player Head to Head combat
  • Control commanders and armies from the Robotech Universe
  • Deploy Units onto the battlefield to gain the advantage
  • Play cards face down to get the jump on your opponent

Game Components

Core Game
122 Battle tokens
32 Victory tokens
16 Combat cards
16 Command/hero cards
16 Unit cards
16 Secret objective cards
10 Strategic location cards
4 Special ability tokens
2 base cards
1 24" x 18" game board
1 Rulebook

Board Game Bin's Recommendation

Robotech Crisis Point is a game the follows along a pivotal point of Robots vs Humans in the Robotech universe. This is a great 2 player strategy based card game that gives players the opportunity to play either side of the battle.

Criss point features interesting card play mixed with area of control that really brings an element of strategy to weighing the upsides and downsides of decisions that you can make each turn.

This is a lighter game that plays in less than an hour and it doesn't come with a ton of game components. It's a great choice for a mid afternoon game or even a game night starter while you wait for the rest of your friends to show up.