Robotech: Invid Invasion


Robotech: Invid Invasion is a Cooperative board game where human heroes must work together to cleanse Reflex Point of the alien Invid Invaders and their Queen Regess before it’s too late.

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  • Publisher :

    SolarFlare Games

  • Date Published :


  • Game Designer :

    Dave Killingsworth

  • Artist :

    Andora Cidonia, Joel Lopez

During the first phase, players will deal out a grid of facedown Invid cards. Each turn, players will move their hero(es) around the grid, choosing which Invid cards to flip over to potentially expose enemies, ambushes, or valuable Allies. The heroes must clear a path from one side of the board to the other to reach Reflex Point before the end of six (6) turns.

Once the path to Reflex Point is cleared, the heroes begin the Regess phase. The Regess and her guards are dealt out, along with additional Invid warriors. Our heroes must defeat the powerful Regess within six turns. If they fail, the returning REF will end the Invid threat—and our unfortunate heroes—by bombarding the planet with the dreaded Neutron-S missiles.

To win, the heroes must clear the path to Reflex point and defeat the Regess at Reflex Point before the missiles fall, destroying all life on the planet.


  • Cooperative missions and skirmishes
  • Control commanders and armies from the Robotech Universe
  • Deploy Units onto the battlefield to gain the advantage
  • Play cards face down to get the jump on your opponent

Game Components

Core Game
150 Game cards
50+ Game tokens
24 Wood cubes
27 Punchout standees
15 Custom six sided dice
6 Hero place cards
1 Standard six sided dice
1 Regess place card
1 33" x 22" Game Board
1 Rulebook

Board Game Bin's Recommendation

What makes Invid Invasion unique is that it features a lot of unique characters from the Robotech world. These characters are working together to uncover and deal with threats on the board. The tension and time constraints mean every turn is critical.