Rolling Empires


Rolling Empires is a fantasy themed dice-building game for up to six players in the world of Terris. Players attempt to gain supremacy over their opponents through building or conquest. Dice building, engine building, and area of control are some of the key features that drive this unique and diverse game. Players have a variety of choices, and may follow various paths to victory.

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  • Publisher :

    Fongomongo Games

  • Date Published :


  • Game Designer :

    Nick Fong

  • Artist :

    Lauren Razeau

When the lands of Terris were first discovered, a war was sparked. The Great War ravaged the lands and drove many factions to the brink.

Seeing their inevitable doom, the factions reached an alliance. Hundreds of years have passed in peace since The Great War.

One day, The Aether Stone fell from the heavens. The Stone carried with it crystals filled with intense magical power. The crash spread these crystals throughout the land, but the majority of the crystals were concentrated at the crash site.

Once the factions began collecting the crystals, they realized how powerful they were and what they could do with them. Peace had prevailed, but many sought after the power of the crystals, and power leads to corruption. Eventually, armies began to march on the crash site to hoard it's power. The struggle for conquest had begun. But not all were consumed by the crystals' powers. Some remained content working the land and building glorious cities, filled with monuments and workshops.

Which path will you choose to follow?


  • Choose from 6 factions in an all out war!
  • Pull units from a bag of dice to use in your conquest
  • Build new fortresses to defend your land.
  • Spend your resources to get more powerful dice to add to your dice bag.
  • Create monuments to your factions success!

Game Components

Core Game
36 Minion Dice
36 Faction Specific Dice
6 Castle Tokens
108 Control Tokens
32 Conquest Tokens
25 Blue (1) Magic Tokens
25 Red (5) Magic Tokens
6 faction unique Dice bags
6 Faction reference sheets
1 Round tracker die

Board Game Bin's Recommendation

Rolling Empires is a fantasy themed dice-building game for up to six players. But it doesn't stop there. Players will build momentum with some engine building and area of control as they expand their empire.

The best part about this game outside of the brilliant gameplay is the swaths of custom dice that each player has at their disposal to build out their strategy.

With a modular tile based game board, and plenty of player characters to choose from, Rolling Empires features tons of replay opportunities.