Witchful Thinking


Witchful thinking is a number managing game. Players will create potions using cards of different values to balance out recipes and score points. In this game efficiency is important. Can you win the game and be the witch’s apprentice?

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  • Publisher :

    Variable Outcomes

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  • Game Designer :

    Matthew Killeen

  • Artist :

    Jackson Gee

Some people make and sell bread for a living, while other people make and sell shoes. You, on the other hand, are a witch and you make and sell potions with other witches. You and the other witches are competing against each other to be the first to make each potion. Each potion requires a specific balance of ingredients. All you have to do is add in the right final ingredient to make the potion, and the potion is yours! Whoever has the most potions when the game is over wins.
Witchful Thinking is a mathematics-based card game of mixing ingredients of different numerical values in a cauldron to produce a potion of equal value. Each Ingredient card has a number ranging from -5 to +5 and each Potion card has a number ranging from -19 to +18. Players race to adjust the formula in the cauldron by adding ingredients until the correct potion value is made. Once a player has the correct value, they win that potion!


  • 4 unique potion maker cards
  • Select from 20 different potions
  • 13 different ingredients

Game Components

Core Game
20 Potion cards
13 Ingredient cards
4 Witch cards
4 spell book and additional subtraction cards
16 Effect cards

Board Game Bin's Recommendation

Witchful thinking is a great light game for a few minutes of quick fun. This game definitely gets more fun with a group of players and it's very easy to learn.

The fun and colorful artwork adds a great undertone to a game with educational elements to it. The theme adds a fun layer to the gameplay.

Witchful Thinking is great with kids or around the family table!